The Lost Diary

This was a trip that I took to the Maritime Alpes in the South-East of France with my friends Tyler Morland, Ty Hathaway, Adrian Marcoux and Lyle Barton. Our friend in the area, Ash, set us up with a trip that was only described to us the night before we embarked. He gave us a few queue cards with directions, a map, and lunch for the first day. Off we went following Ashes “Guide to Getting Lost.”

Dirt Diaries 2013: Geoff Gulevich

Dirt Diaries: Geoff Gulevich

My good friend Geoff Gulevich was invited to participate in the GoPro Dirt Diaries short film fest at Crankworx. The format was simple, choose a filmmaker – and then with an allowance of up to 6 people per team, go out and tell a short story.

Geoff chose me to be his filmmaker and we set out to produce a short film with a concept that I had envisioned for quite awhile. I wanted to celebrate the videos that Geoff and I grew up watching. There are 3 styles of video in the film. The first is a throwback to the early days of Pulp Traction and the Kranked series in Kamloops. The North Shore segment is what what we grew up watching on repeat, inspired by Diggers NSX series, and again the early Kranked films. Both of these segments were so much fun to produce, we shot everything on hi8 and sourced all the gear necessary to recreate the look.

The 3rd segment was present day Whistler, which completed the evolution of freeride mountain biking in British Columbia. Geoff and I worked hard for 7 days to put the section together, adding in our good friend Mark Matthews for a day in the fog. We added in a storyline with Wade SImmons and his young son Eliot to tie all together.

The film fest night was a tremendous success, out of the 6 videos, we placed 2nd.

Don’t Call it a Comeback


The blog is back! I got tired of how I was posting, and how the website looked. I took some time off and in the process created my personal portfolio site ( and “Away With Us” (follow us on tumblr) which is a travel photo journal that I share with my girlfriend Brittany ( Check out the other sites, and keep an eye on Mtbville, I’ll be posting here and there.